What Causes Iron Ochre?

Iron Ochre is caused by a bacteria that is in the soil. In the presence of ferrous iron, the bacteria will form the iron ochre by oxidizing the ferrous iron. The combination of the iron compounds formed and the bacterial slime is iron ochre. Iron ochre is a red, or yellow-tan, slimy substance similar to jelly. are sometimes used to kill the iron ochre bacteria – depending on local codes and whether your drain equipment can withstand these chemicals. To avoid breathing harmful mist or injuring your skin, do not use a sewer jetter in drains where these chemicals are present.

Some higher-cost iron ochre treatments use less expensive oxalic acid (sometimes labeled as ethanedioic acid dihydrate) as their active ingredient. To verify a product’s active ingredients, search online for its Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS). Before using, verify the correct application and safety precautions with your agricultural extension office or other local authority.

Iron Ochre Bacteria

If the iron ochre is in your household water supply, sealing of wells and water sources against outside water incursion and thorough cleaning of any internal surfaces after exposure to the outside are often recommended after initial treatment.

If you don’t want to perform the iron ochre bacteria remediation yourself, consider hiring a good waterproofing contractor to help.

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