Dry Well Installation & Repair Services In Central & Northern NJ

Ideal Basement Waterproofing offers dry well installation and repair services in Morristown, Madison, Montville, Chatham, Lincroft, Red Bank, and Cranford, New Jersey. Because weather patterns in New Jersey often include heavy rain, especially in the spring, your property can sustain damage from water runoff. Let our experienced, professional staff install a dry well to contain that water runoff and minimize the damage to your property.

What is a dry well?
Dry wells are a type of underground water catchment system used for collecting rainwater after a storm. A dry well can be a buried concrete structure, or it may be a hole in the ground filled with gravel or pebbles. A gate is placed over the top of the dry well so that it can be accessed for repairs. A dry well is strategically placed in your yard to allow gravity to move water runoff to it. Dry wells are installed underground, but above the water table.

While dry wells are typically used to catch water runoff, they can also be used to collect the relatively clean water wasted by sinks, baths, washing machines, and dishwashers. Water moves to the dry well through a series of underground pipes. Water runoff from storms will move on top of the soil naturally. Water collects in the dry well and leaches through the gravel and into the ground.

Who needs a dry well?
Some of the reasons you may need a dry well include the following:

  • You have standing water in your yard after a storm
  • You have an excessive number of mosquitoes in your yard
  • You have concrete or metal surfaces in your yard
  • Your yard is sloped
  • Your grass stays wet

If you live in an area prone to heavy rains and flooding, then you have seen water run across your yard, creating ditches and possibly damaging your neighbor’s yard, too. Water can also run across paved surfaces such as driveway and patios, damaging the ground along the edges of those surfaces.

Dry well installation
At Ideal Basement Waterproofing, our professional staff can determine the best location in your yard for the placement of the dry well. We will perform a soil test, known as a percolation (or perc) test, in order to determine the level of water absorption. A dry well works by allowing the water to be absorbed back into the ground. Our staff will install the proper number of dry wells for your yard, usually one per downspout. We also repair dry wells, including problems occurring from clogs in the pipes or the collapse of the walls of the dry well itself.

Let our experienced staff help you contain water runoff in your yard and minimize the damage. Our professional team can also assist with the repair of structural damage caused by excess water or moisture. Contact us today for all your dry well installation and repair needs.

Dry Well Installation and Repair Services

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