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Welcome to our testimonials page, where we proudly showcase the positive reviews and feedback we have received from our valued clients. We are thrilled to share that these glowing testimonials come not only from clients in Bergen County, our home base, but also from satisfied customers from all over northern New Jersey. Our commitment to exceptional basement waterproofing services has earned us recognition and praise from clients near and far. Take a moment to read through these testimonials and discover why our reliable solutions have garnered acclaim beyond our local area. We take great pride in exceeding expectations and ensuring customer satisfaction, no matter where our clients are located.
Ideal Basement Waterproofing

We needed a sump pump so badly. we had to get the sump pump installed before the winter season. Our timing was great Ideal Basement Waterproofing had an all-inclusive price edit installed, quickly and professionally.

-Elsie H.

Disaster struck when the sump pump failed and the basement flooded. Ideal Basement Waterproofing responded to my call immediately and arrived the same day. Amazing customer service and a job well done.

-Constance W.

When we bought our house the basement needed a little bit of love. Ideal Basement Waterproofing came in and installed a drainage channel and it has made all of the difference in the world. They do absolutely fantastic work and I will not hesitate to call them if and when I ever need them again.

-Crystal H.

Ideal Basement installed a dry well in my yard. It has made a huge difference over the last year. I am grateful for their work. We have been able to move through our yard with minimal issues and no flooding. For a while that was in question.

-Patsy D.

Disaster struck when the sump pump failed and the basement flooded. Ideal Basement Waterproofing responded to my call immediately and arrived the same day. Amazing customer service and a job well done.

-Caroline H.

We notice some cracks along the interior walls of the basement. We wasted no time getting in touch with Ideal Basement Waterproofing. We were confident that they would correct the problem at a good price. We are repeat customers.

-Nina H.

Ideal Basement Waterproofing of Fort Lee, New Jersey is an excellent company that provides timely and efficient service. Frank answers the call and sticks to the plan even at the most inconvenient times-holidays, weekends, wee hours of the morning. You never know when an emergency situation may arise. You can count on Frank to be there for you when it does. We have had 2 incidents (Easter Sunday and most recently, this winter during frigid temperatures) As promised, Frank showed up the next day and all matters were resolved swiftly, professionally and to our utmost satisfaction. Highly recommend!!!! Thank you, Frank.

-Marni V.

The previous owner warned us about flooding. That meant we knew we had to get something to address the problem with the basement. Ideal Basement Waterproofing handled the whole process at a price we can afford.

-Leah C.

I was really surprised by their prices. They installed a new pump, and there were no hidden charges. Whatever they quoted us is what we paid. I had no idea there was such honest business people in this industry.

-Jerry A.

The day our water pipes busted and the basement flooded, we turned off the water and called Ideal Basement Waterproofing’s emergency hot-line number. The servicemen were there within the hour. They started clearing the water and assessed the damage. They are a very professional group.

-Holly D.

When our basement flooded after the storm, our homeowners’ insurance company required a service organization that is licensed, bonded, and insured before they would approve the payment. The professionals at Ideal Basement Waterproofing fit that bill. They did a great job.

-Marie S.

Repeatedly cleaning up after water damage was not only a frustrating and financial drain on us; it was costing us valuable time as well. Finding that Ideal was offering a hefty discount on full basement waterproofing, we decided now was the time to take the plunge. Our system fit our budget, is paid for and we are done watching our funds go down the drain every time it rains.

-Kingsley A.

Ideal Basement Waterproofing does it right and doesn’t break the bank. They cleared the basement flooding, dried it out, figured out the right waterproofing solution, and made it happen the right way, so we had no fear of recurrence. Perfect!

-Tomas H.

In an urgent need of emergency pumping, we found ourselves in a position to put their 24/7 emergency hotline to the test. True to its promise our saviors did arrive within the hour. How nice that some businesses still deliver what they say they will.

-Ernestine H.

Nice people and very professional. I’ve seen their work and called them in to repair my mom’s leaky, wet, moldy basement. It was a disaster area and they had their hands full but they did an amazing job fixing the foundation, leveling the floors, and putting in windows. Looks wonderful and smells even better.

-Rudolph L.

Living in an early 1900s home means there is obviously going to be some issues that crop up. Well, this one didn’t crop up so much as a blast in when our basement flooded one day. Ideal Basement came in and did an amazing job with very transparent prices and open communication.

-Joann W.

I was sick and tired of my basement getting wet every time I turned around. I called Ideal Basement and they came out and installed a sump pump. I’ve been dry ever since.

-Leslie J.

Knowing that the previous owners had issues with the basement, we wanted to make sure we wouldn’t have an issue and so Ideal came and delivered. Their name is what they deliver-ideal service, knowledge and great final product. We have been here three years with several rain events and have not had a problem. So happy!

-Jill B.

We are thrilled with the effectiveness of the French drain system Ideal put in place for us. It has us confident that our foundation will remain undamaged by the frequent rain and flooding we experience.

-Melinda M.

Needed some waterproofing done, the owner came out and gave us some options that would provide the result we were looking for. No pressure tactics and he left us information that we could go over before making a decision. Very professional company with fantastic service.

-Rodney M.

It was a pleasure to work with Frank and his team. They were approachable, organized, and very responsive to all questions. The quality of the work is also outstanding. Would recommend Frank and his team, without reservation, for any water mitigation project.

-Milan P.

Ideal gave us a nice dry basement allowing us to get top dollar when we sold our home. They were great from start to finish.

-Anabel B.

I was referred to Ideal Basement from various people. Frank and his crew are amazing! Very professional. They found the problem immediately and waterproofed my basement. The best thing about this company is that he guarantees his work. Thank you Ideal for the great work and customer service.


Frank and his crew did a fantastic, professional, and timely job with all of the extensive basement work we requested! He is very responsive and gave us expert advice with patience and kindness. I highly recommend Ideal Basement Waterproofing if you want the job done right and at a great value! Thanks again, Frank and crew!

-Denise D.

Needed to get my sump pump replaced. Not only was Frank informative helping me understand what was going, but the job was done quickly and smoothly. His experience and knowledge truly put me at ease that I was getting the best service. I am very happy with the service and the quality of the replacement sump pump. I would recommend them to anyone.-

Daniel J.

Absolutely outstanding customer service. They were on time, polite, and my basement has never looked better.

-Kenneth A.

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