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Landscape Drainage Contractors In Northern, NJ

Ideal Basement Waterproofing of Ridgefield, New Jersey has over 25 years of experience providing landscape drainage installation and repair services in the Northern NJ region of Bergen County, Passaic, Essex, Union and Morris Counties. Poor drainage can cause structural damage, which can lead to costly repairs. If you’ve noticed standing water in your yard, then you need a drainage system to move the water away from your home or commercial building. Our goal is to save you money on costly repairs by providing the best landscape drainage system for your needs. Our team of expert contractors are standing by for emergency services.
Landscape Drainage

A properly designed and installed landscape drainage system will prevent soil erosion in and around your home or office building’s foundation. It will also prevent standing water, which will reduce pests and protect your trees and lawn.

Failure to fix drainage problems now can result in significant repair costs and other property damage later, including wood decay, rot, termites, and/or mildew or mold on walls.

Installation & Repair Services of All Types of Landscape Drainage Systems

A variety of landscape drainage systems exist. At Ideal Basement Waterproofing, we will examine your home and yard to determine the best system for you. We provide a detailed explanation of what you will need along with the associated costs.

Some of the options include the following:

  • Catch basins are boxes made of brick, cinderblock, or some other material that are placed in the ground near areas of standing water. Catch basins are usually covered with a metal grate. They are one of the main components in a landscape drainage system. See our page about catch basins to learn more.
  • Channel drains (also known as trench drains or linear drains) consist of a pipe placed in a trench and covered with mulch. It may also require a sump pump or end caps. Channel drains help control runoff caused by heavy rains and flooding.
  • Culverts are tunnels that allow water to be carried away under a road, driveway, or an area of your yard. Culverts are usually made from pipe or concrete and covered with soil.
  • Dry wells are installed underground and allow water to slowly soak back into the ground. See our page on dry wells for more information.
  • French drains are made from perforated pipe placed in a trench. The trench is then filled with a porous material like gravel so that the water can seep into the pipe and be diverted away from your property. See our page on French drains to find out more.

At Ideal Basement Waterproofing, our company can fix any and all drainage problems you’re having. We will use one of the systems mentioned above or a combination of those items, and we will install the landscape drainage system that is right for your home or office.

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