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Catch Basin Installation & Repair Contractors in Northern New Jersey

Ideal Basement Waterproofing provides catch basin installation and repair services for both residential and commercial properties in Bergen County, Passaic, Union, Essex and Morris counties. We understand the problems standing water can cause to your home or business, and we have over 25 years of experience helping home and business owners avoid costly structural damage through the installation of a catch basin.
Catch Basin

What is a catch basin?

A catch basin is a storm drainage system designed to carry water away from your home or commercial building and to a public storm water system, dry well, nearby body of water, or into the ground. It is an important part of your landscape drainage system. In residential areas, catch basins consist of a box that is installed underground. It comes in many types and sizes and is built with many different materials, including concrete, plastic, cinderblock, or gravel. The catch basin is installed underground and is covered by a metal grate to collect water runoff or standing water.

For commercial properties, catch basins are installed along the curb or pavement so that water runoff has someplace to go.

Why do you need a catch basin?

If you have standing water in your yard, you may need a catch basin. Benefits of a catch basin include the following:

  • Prevents mosquitoes and other insects from having a breeding area;
  • Protects your trees and lawn;
  • Prevents mold growth;
  • Prevents flooding; and/or
  • Moves water away from your home and protects your foundation from damage.

Catch basin installation and repair

To install your catch basin, our experienced will perform an inspection to determine the best location for it. We will determine the size based on the dimensions of your property. To install the catch basin, we dig trenches for the pipes and install the catch basin and pipes. The pipes are located at the top of the catch basin, and we connect them to the basin’s inlet and outlet. Then, we test the catch basin to make sure it works properly. We replace the soil around the catch basin so that the system will not sink.

If you already have a catch basin, you’ll want to ensure it is ready for heavy rains by removing any debris. Solid particles collect in the bottom of the catch basin, where they are low enough they won’t block the outlet pipes. The bottom of the catch basin should be cleaned out on a regular basis to ensure proper drainage. Our professional staff will clean your catch basin and make sure it is in working order.

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