• Using internal couplers the 10 inch long sections are easy and convenient to connect.
  • Superior flow rate (30% Better) when compared to gravel and pipe: Features engineered flow channels that increase capacity.
  • Can easily bend around corners and other obstacles.
  • Stops waste: Prevents millions of pounds of waste from filling landfills.
  • Extremely durable: Offers 100+ year material lifespan.
  • Reliable: Fewer call backs.
  • Provide maximum system life and performance, lower system costs, and an environmentally friendly alternative.
  • Labor Cost Savings: 50% labor savings. It’s lightweight allowing for installation without heavy equipment. Also installs without gravel.
  • Green Choice: 100% recycled aggregate material.

Configurations are available in:

  • 7″ diameter bundles with or without a 3″ pipe.
  • 10″ diameter bundles with or without a 4″ pipe.
  • 15″ diameter bundles with or without a 6″ pipe.