Why is my Sump Pump constantly running?

If you are feeling as if your sump pump is constantly running check into what causes may be the reason for this immediately. You don’t want to give your sump pump an improper amount of time to cool off leaving it susceptible to burning out and having to install a new one.

What to do?

Look to the float switch first. The professionals at Ideal Basement Waterproofing of Eastern New Jersey, find that most of the time you can count on the sump pumps float switch to be the issue. If you are comfortable doing so the float switch is an easy fix that can be done without hiring someone else.

What is a Float Switch?

  • Upward Floating Float Switch: The switch moves upward turning on the switch inside. By doing this the sump pump with start draining.
  • Downward Position: Once fully drained the switch will go back to the downward position. In turn the sump pump will start filling the tank back up with water.

How can the Float Switch get messed up?

The issue could be simple like the flotation system. If the float gets stuck on something it can cause it to stay in place. If you think there is an issue always take a look. If you think you may be in need of a float switch you can find more info about them and what they look like at call Ideal Basement Waterproofing at 908-969-8106.

What to do to fix it yourself!

Here are some simple steps to fix the Float Switch:

  • Open up the sump pump and take a look inside.
  • Turn all the power off to the area.
  • Make sure you have a new float switch ready to go.
  • Replace with new one after plugging the old one.
  • Test it out to make sure the new switch works properly.

What am I looking for?

Make sure to check for these things to ensure that the float switch is the problem:

  • Is it stuck? If that’s the case just free up the switch from the stuck position instead of replacing it altogether. If it continues to get stuck you may want to replace the switch however.
  • The floats not filling the tank and not moving. If this is the case it is time to replace the switch.