Ideal Basement Waterproofing is now offering Quick Dam flood protection products. FAQs provided by Quick Dam Flood Protection


What are Flood Gates made from?
1in Steel tube frame for structure & support, .125in steel plates for support & take the weight of the water, 1.5ton scissor jack for expansion and a neoprene sleeve for a water tight seal. Also included in the package will be an expansion tool, ratchet wrench & instruction manual.

Can I still use the entrance while the Flood Gate is in place?
Yes, simply open the door & step over, while maintaining flood protection.

What sizes do the Flood Gates come in?
We currently offer 5 sizes each of which expands 5in & all offering flood protection up
to 26.5in high. The 5 sizes range from: 25in-30in, 30in-35in, 35in-40in, 40in-45in, 45in-50in.

How long does it take to install the Flood Gate?
As long as your reveal is clean & ready, it should only take 5 minutes, expand jack & 4 bolts on the bottom.

Have the Flood Gates been tested?
Yes, the Flood Gates were designed, developed, tested & patented in the UK & also patented in the US. Testing was performed in the UK & passed British Kite Mark testing to prevent flood water entering up to 24in. The US Flood Gates are manufactured under the same UK standards.

Where can Flood Gates be used?
In any entryway that Flood Gates can fit into. This can include: Residential, Commercial, Retail, Government, Power & Nuclear, Hospital, Hotel, Condo’s & Apartments & more.

Are custom sizes available?
No not normally, as there is quite a bit of engineering involved & custom neoprene sleeves that would have to be made, which would make the cost too significant for single units.

What if my door is wider than 50in?
Stanchions are available to join multiple units together*. The Stanchion Base will need to be installed in the ground & left as a flush surface until needed. (See instruction manual for more details)

Can I connect multiple units together?
Yes, using the stanchion set list above. (See instruction manual for more details)

Do the sleeves come in different colors?
Not at this time. Orange is currently the only colored sleeve.

Can I get replacement sleeves?
Yes, should your outer sleeve become damaged, replacements are available online at

Can I get them any taller?
Flood Gates are only available 26in high at this time.

My door opens out- what are my options?
The Flood Gate cannot be mounted on the outside as the jack needs to face away from the water & you will no longer have access to the jack with closed doors. In this case, the Flood Gate must be installed on the inside of the doorway.

Do I have to make any alterations to the door frame?
As long as your reveal area is smooth, you should not have to make any alterations. If your reveal is too small or unsmooth, you may need to add thin spacers & use silicone caulk to level any uneven surfaces.

Can I put these in a window frame?
Yes, as long as there is enough reveal & the window is greater than 26in high & you can open the window from the inside to access the back scissor jack for tightening.

Can I install the Flood Gate with the scissor jack facing towards oncoming water?
No, the solid outer neoprene sleeve needs to face oncoming water. Under the sleeve are 2 steel plates which slide when adjusting in size and then seal against the frame structure when hit with oncoming water, creating a solid surface. Securing this in the opposite direction will cause these steel plates to spread apart & cause seepage.

Do Flood Gates require any maintenance?
Yes, after each use, hand wash the outer sleeve & let dry. Wipe down the steel Flood Gate frame system & apply a small amount of grease to all moving mechanisms. Open & close the jack with a few turns in each direction, allowing the grease to move through the jack system.

What if I have a flush mount door frame?
Side Rails are an optional add on & can be mounted on the outer edge of the wall, which will hold the Flood Gate in place. (See instruction manual for more details)

Where should I store my Flood Gate?
Store Flood Gates in a nearby storage cabinet or closet in its normal upright position. If multiple units are stored together, be sure to place them sleeve to sleeve, to make sure the jacks don’t get damaged against each other.

Can I stack Floodgates one on top of the other?
No. These units were not meant to be stacked on top of each other— this could cause damage to the jacks.

Do you have a method for transporting multiple floodgates?
Yes, see Flood Gate cart for storage & deployment.

How much width does the stanchion add?
Allow .75in in calculating width needed.

What type of tool should I use for sub-mounting the base?
Please refer to manual.

What if I want to create a U shape around the door?
Use the corner stanchion to create a corner and create a water tight seal around the door.

Can I use this in my sliding door?
Sliders typically do not offer enough depth to fit. They often jam. You can either use the corner stanchion or side rails to create a secure area for gates to go in outside.

What kind of lubricant can I use to grease the parts of the flood gate?
Any Grade 2 or 3 wheel bearing grease, or a lithium based grease would work, which can be found at a local automotive or hardware store.

Quick Dam Flood Gate Accessories flyers: Download PDF