When it rains, snows, or floods – water inevitably flows to the lowest point of your property. This could be your basement, foundation, crawl space, or even your backyard. If the water has nowhere to go, it can pile up and create serious problems for your property – such as flooding, water damage, mold infestation, and structural issues.

That’s where french drains come in. French drains are one of the most common basement waterproofing solutions. Our family-owned waterproofing company has installed countless french drains over the past 20 years – we’re here to help!

How do french drains work?

French drains are a common waterproofing solution that diverts water away from your property through a gravel-filled trench, or a french drain pipe. The water is then emptied a safe distance away from your building and into a drainage ditch, dry well, or onto the street.

This way, your property is protected from flooding and other moisture-related problems, including mold. Mold and fungus can grow in wet areas of your basement or foundation. It can create a number of problems and even threaten your family’s health. French drains are one of the best basement waterproofing solutions and can help prevent against mold.

French drains come in different sizes and with various specialities – they can be customized to the uniqueness of your property. There are french drains for your basement, you can install french drains around your house, you can even put a french drain in your yard.

French drains are a long-lasting, durable, and cost-effective waterproofing solution. They are unlikely to break down over time. The process of french drain installation can be done in about a week’s time. Plus, they are an environmentally-friendly choice.

There are numerous benefits to french drains, including:

  • Protection against flooding
  • Safeguarding your foundation
  • Reducing mold, mildew, and fungus growth
  • Meeting requirements for homeowner’s insurance
  • Protecting against termites and insect infestations
  • Improvement in indoor air quality

Need a French Drain for Basement Waterproofing?

When it comes to effective basement waterproofing, no two homes will require the exact same type of waterproofing systems. However, many homeowners across Staten Island and New Jersey do indeed benefit from a French drain installation.

Here are a few scenarios that point to a need for a new or replacement French drain:

  • Water seeping in between the basement floor and foundation wall seam.
  • Water seeping in through a crack in the basement floor.
  • Water seeping in around lally columns.
  • Leaking walls, especially those made of cement/cinder block, brick, or fieldstone.

All of these instances are evidence of water being pushed up through the ground and into your property—and they shouldn’t be left alone for long!

Custom-Designed French Drains

Instead of one-size-fits-all systems, our French drains come in three types: low-profile, mid-grade, and premium. One of our French drain installers will inspect your property, share the pros and cons of each system, and help you choose the ideal solution for you.

No matter which French drain ends up being the best for your property, you’ll enjoy the confidence of our BBB accreditation, Basement Health Association membership, and authorized dealer status with Basement Technologies. Better yet, you’ll be protected by our lifetime guarantees.

For Experienced French Drain Installation call Ideal

More than just French drains, Ideal Basement Waterproofing would love to build a comprehensive basement waterproofing plan for your specific home! We can complement your French drain installation with:

  • Sump Pumps
  • Basement Sealing
  • Foundation Sealing
  • Crawlspace Waterproofing