Once the winter season ends it’s time to get outside and check for any needed repairs as well as getting your yard ready for the warm weather ahead.

Below is a list of tips to get your summer season started off in the right direction.

1.) Once the cold has disappeared one of the first things you should do is clean and fix your gutters and downspouts.

  • Without taking the proper steps to clean and repair the possibility of rotting wood is high. With rotting wood comes unwanted visitors in your attic.
  • Kicking of the spring season your gutters and downspouts should be cleaned out and running smoothly. Properly installed downspouts will ensure the Spring rain shoots away from your houses foundation stopping it from building up and flooding the basement.

2.) Reseal or stain important exterior woodwork every 1 to 2 years. Wooden structures will stay in better condition and be good for the longterm with this upkeep.

3.) March through the beginning of June is termite season. Be on the lookout and try to stop the problem before it begins. If need be have a licensed professional take care of the problem if it occurs ASAP as it will save money and many future problems.

4.) Your roof takes a beating during the cold and harsh winter season. Once winter is officially finished take the time to do an overview of your roof and ensure there is no noticeable damage or missing pieces/shingles. If you notice anything out of place or damage that needs work have a roofer take care of the problem as soon as possible.

5.) Looking to repaint? Spring is the time to figure it out and get to work.

6.) Snow, rain and the frigid temperatures can damage concrete and asphalt during the winter. Check any walkways and sidewalks on property as well as your driveway for any asphalt or concrete damage.

7.) Check your sprinkler and irrigation systems right away so you can kick off the spring season keeping your plants alive and lawn looking nice.

  • Run all zones manually and walk around to make sure none of the heads or broken or damaged.
  • Adjust the heads to where you want them to spray and make sure they are not shooting at the house, sidewalks, street, or porch.
  • Hire someone else to do it for you if you are not comfortable doing it yourself.

8.) Get rid of standing water areas around your house that may cause mosquito infestation.

9.) Fix any screen doors and windows that may have holes or tears in them. You don’t want bugs flying through and getting into your house.

10.) Change the filters to your air conditioning systems yearly. If need be hire an expert to properly take care of your air-conditioning system before the heat hits.