At Ideal Basement Waterproofing, we know waterproofing your foundation or basement could make your home more comfortable, but many people rarely consider it because of the hidden nature of the foundation and basement.

Because basements are located below grade and surrounded by soil, they are the area of your home most at risk for water damage. Most homeowners focus on preventing water from entering the basement by diverting water away from the home, but properly waterproofing a basement will decrease the risk of damage if your basement happens to flood.

Protect Your Home

Waterproofing your foundation minimizes the amount of water that can seep into your home. Water damage can cause the following problems:

  • Bowed, cracked, and damaged walls
  • Mold and mildew growth
  • A musty smell

Waterproofing your foundation can help the outside of the house as well. It ensures that the ground where your foundation sits is less prone to shifting, which can reduce foundation problems and leaks.

Reduce the Risk of Flooding

Flooding threatens the structural integrity of your home, and basements are more prone to flooding than any other part of your home. Waterproofing your basement adds another layer of protection to prevent structural damage. It allows you to use your basement for everything from recreation to storage. You can use it to its fullest without worrying about floods, leaks, or moisture that can cause extensive damage.

When you waterproof your foundation, it reduces the likelihood that water will enter your home due to settling or cracking. Some settling occurs naturally as a result of loosening soil or changes in the weather. If you waterproof your foundation, you can prevent water from reaching it and ensure that any settling remains even. If you don’t, you risk not only letting water into your home but living with uneven basement flooring.

Reduce Moisture

Waterproofing your foundation can reduce the amount of moisture in your home. A home with a water-logged foundation tends to be more humid than one with a dry foundation because water travels upwards as it evaporates. Moisture can cause oxidation on metal objects, destroy paper products, make your home feel warmer during the summer, allow mold to thrive, and cause walls to crack and bow.

One of the most important improvements you can make to your home is to waterproof your foundation or basement. Contact the professionals at Ideal Basement Waterproofing for a quote.