Water X-Tract System Installation in In Central & Northern NJ

Water X-Tract drainage channel is an interior baseboard system designed to collect water seepage entering the basement through the joint where the floor and walls meet. The hollow baseboard cove system is adhered watertight to the concrete floor using the Pro-SealOnce Adhesive. This non-invasive system is ideal for monolithic slabs. Water seeping in through the cold joint between the floor and walls is collected by the Water X-Tract System and quietly channeled around the perimeter to the sump pump.

The key component to the success of the Water X-Tract System is the base design, using a concave ribbed base to hold sealant and compress sealant against the floor without the sealant escaping out from under it, creating a long lasting watertight bond.

Extended toe on the leading edge keeps the system upright, keeping the top tight against the wall, and adds an additional area for a watertight fillet of sealant along the leading edge.

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